Glover Park Wealth provides advice on individual equities and will also provide advice on hedging alternatives for institutions and executives. 

Fixed Income

Does your institution have a fixed income mandate? Glover Park Wealth will work with your institution to build a fixed income portfolio to achieve the desired duration and maturity goals of your institution.


Glover Park Wealth advises and executes derivative transactions on behalf of the institution and/or corporate executives.  

  • Covered Calls
  • Hedged Puts
  • Cash Secured Puts
  • Covered Spreads

Foundations & Endowments      

Glover Park Wealth will advise and invest the assets of the foundation or endowment in accordance to the guidelines in the investment policy statement. 

Retirement Plans 

Corporations – Glover Park Wealth will work with the plan administrator and payroll provider to setup a 401(K) policy and advise employees on the investments.

Small Business Owners – We work directly with small business owners on Solo 401(K), SEP IRA, Traditional & Roth 401(K) and Profit-sharing plans.