Growth Equities

Glover Park Wealth believes that investing in growth companies in the large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap sectors over the long term is an important part for growing assets in a diversified portfolio based on the age, risk tolerance and cash requirements of our clients.  

Dividend Equities

Glover Park Wealth invests in companies that have a long history of growing their dividend payouts. Companies that historically raise their dividend payouts on a yearly basis show increased confidence in their revenue and earnings.

Government Bonds

Achieve income by investing in United State debt: US Treasury Bills, US Treasury Bonds, Ginnie Mae Securities and mortgage backed securities. 

Certificate of Deposit (CD) 

Fixed income security issued by a FDIC insured financial institution.

Corporate Bonds

Investment grade corporate bonds generate a predictable income stream for clients over a set period of time and offer diversification to the overall portfolio. 

Municipal Bonds

Bonds that are backed by a municipality (state, city or county). Municipal bonds have significant tax advantages over traditional government and corporate bonds as they are tax-exempt from federal taxes. Most Municipal bonds are also tax-exempt from state taxes depending on the state you live in and the issuer of the municipal bond.  

Note: Glover Park Wealth does not provide tax advice, we recommend that you discuss tax implications of municipal bonds with your CPA or Tax advisor. 


Glover Park Wealth uses options to generate income for clients who own individual equities or looking to buy a stock at a lower price. We use covered calls and cash secured puts to achieve the income requirement of the client.