Employee Benefits

401(k) Plans

Traditional & Roth 401(k) Plans

Our retirement plan financial consultants work with your HR & Accounting departments to build a retirement plan to meet your goals. 

Profit Sharing

Invest in your employees

Offering a 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan for employees to share in the earnings of the company not only increases productivity but helps retain and recruit talent to your company.  

Safe Harbor

Offer employee matching with a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan

Reduce your retirement plans annual maintenance with no testing requirements. Mandatory match for all employees with a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan. 

403(b) Plans

Non-Profits & Schools

Setting up a 403(b) Plan with our recommended recordkeepers has never been easier. Offer your employees Traditional and Roth 403(b) plans. 

Medical Insurance

Shop the health insurance market

To find the best coverage, rates and benefits for your company. Our firm will quote, manage and enroll employees. 

Dental Insurance

Which Dental Insurance Plan

Should your company choose? Shop the Dental Insurance marketplace for all providers to find a plan for your company. 

Vision Insurance

Let's work together to pick a Vision Plan

That is the most economical for your company and has the benefits that your employees want. 


Interested in offering Ancillary Benefits?

Let's discuss which ancillary group benefits your employees want and shop for Short-Term Disability Insurnace. 

401(k) Plan Design

Glover Park Wealth will consult with your team to choose the retirement plan that best fits your organization. 

3(21) Fiduciary

Retirement plan co-fiduciary

To manage the investments and give financial advice and education to the plan participants and executive team.  

3(38) Fiduciary

An Investment Manager who is the plan fiduciary

who can make retirement plan investment decisions on behalf of the plan sponsor. 

3(16) Fiduciary

The 401(k) plan administrative fiduciary 

will handle all aspects of the plan administration, plan & participant required notices, Form 5500 and loan documents and requests. 

401(k) Plan Design

We will design your 401(k) plan

That satisfies the requirements of your 401(k) plan participants and executive team. 

Payroll, 401(k) Integration

Fully Integrate your company: Payroll, HR, 401(k) & Group Benefits

with our preferred payroll and 401(k) recordkeeper providers with full 360-degree integration.

Vendor Selection

Need help with selecting Vendors for: Payroll, HR, Human Capital Management (HCM) and 401(k)?

We are here to help, with years of experience in our industry, we will make recommendations for your company with our trusted partners. 

Employee Education

We offer yearly 401(k) enrollment and education meetings with your company 

To provide ongoing education and provide investment advice to the 401(k) plan participants and employer plan sponsor. 

ERISA 404(a), 401(c)

We make sure that your 401(k) plan adheres to the ERISA regulations 

as a 401(k) plan co-fiduciary, we make sure the mutual fund lineup is diversified, low-cost and monitored. 

Small Business Retirement Plans 

Below are the retirement plans that Glover Park Wealth Management recommends for small business owners. 


Ideal for business owners who want to save

for retirement using a SEP IRA which is pre-tax and tax-deductible contributions

Cash Balance

Business Owners or Partners who are looking to contribute

more than the traditional retirement plans to rapidly accelerate retirement savings using a Cash Balance Plan. 

Defined Benefit

Offer an employer funded guaranteed retirement benefit for employees

The Defined Benefit Plan is a pension which is paid out based on a formula consisting of: Age, Salary and Tenure at the company.


Retirement plan for employers with under 100 employees

who can choose to make a 2% non-elective contribution or match employee contributions up to 3% of their salary

Individual 401(k) Plans

Individual or solo 401(k) plans are a great vehicle for business owners to save for retirement. 

Long-Term Disability

Protect Employees and Family

with Long-Term Disability Insurance. If you are injured or unable to work, Long-Term Disability Insurance payments help cover living expenses. 

Group Life Insurance

Offer Employees the Protection they deserve

with Group Life Insurance as part of their employee group benefits package to protect their loved ones. 

Professional Employer Organization

Outsource your HR with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

to help manage the day-to-day tasks of running your company. Our firm offers PEO consulting services

Health Insurance Consulting

Our consultants have decades of Experience

with building employee group health insurance benefits packages. Leverage our expertise and scale for your organization.