Employee Education

Yearly Education to Retirement Plan Employees & Sponsors

Glover Park Wealth believes that retirement plan employee education is one of the most important factors of managing and administering a retirement plan, this is one of the major areas of focus that separates Glover Park Wealth from the competition. 

We believe in best practices for employee education in accordance with ERISA §404(c). We have partnered with the top retirement plan education providers in the retirement plan industry to give your company and plan participants annual education and we also provide one-on-one meetings with employees.

Below are the best practices that our firm follows regarding employee education:

General Education

Common questions that we receive during our retirement plan education meetings, we help education employees on best practices.

  • Should I make contributions in a down market?

  • Taking Loans out against your retirement plan assets

  • How much should I contribute?

  • How much money do I need in retirement?

  • What is a money market, should I invest in it?

Financial Wellness

Our education will provide current data on the financial wellness of average retirement plan participants.

  • Start contributing, investing, and saving at a young age

  • Compounding growth with investment returns

  • Retirement plan calculators, how much do I need for retirement?

  • Investment options and diversification

  • Differences between Tradition and Roth 401(k) Plans.

  • Behavioral finance

Company Match Education

We will discuss exactly how your retirement plan sponsor has setup the plan. We cover the following topics:

  • The company match percentage and plan eligibility requirements

  • Vesting schedules for participants

  • What contribution amount do employees need to make to receive the full retirement plan company match.

Individual Meetings 

The retirement plan advisor will offer to meet confidentially with plan participants to discuss their current retirement plan contributions and be able to give investment advice on their outside investments.

When you hire our firm, we understand that the financial wellness and education of our plan participants is very important and want to make sure all participants in a Glover Park Wealth Management managed retirement plan are doing their best to save and invest for their future.